Date Range along with Week Number in SQL

I needed to get work week date range along with corresponding week number in sql and below is the TSQL code I came up with.
NOTE: I had to do this on SQL 2008, so, I could not use window functions available in SQL 2012 and later.

declare @StartDate date
declare @EndDate date
set @StartDate ='12/31/2015'
Set @EndDate='12/31/2016'

;with CTE as (Select datename(dw,dateadd(day,number,@StartDate)) as [Day],
cast(datename(week,dateadd(day,number,@StartDate)) as int) as [WeekNo],
dateadd(day,number,@StartDate) as [Date],number
from master.dbo.spt_values
where type='P' and number>0
and datename(dw,dateadd(day,number,@StartDate)) not in ('Saturday','Sunday')
and dateadd(day,number,@StartDate)<=@EndDate)

Select convert(varchar(20),min(Date),106)+ ' - ' +convert(varchar(20),max(Date),106) as [Date Range],
'Week '+cast(Weekno as varchar) as [WeekNo]
from Cte
group by Weekno
order by cast(Weekno as int)