How much time does Restore VerifyOnly take?

While,it is important to verify the database backups by doing a complete restore,it might not be possible to do that in every scenario. So, in such cases, the next best thing is to do “Restore VerifyOnly”. Restore VerifyOnly does not actually restore the database but will validate the check sum, if enabled on the backup and restore some of the data page headers and will try to make sure the backup is readable and restorable as much as possible but cannot be guaranteed.

For some of our backup jobs, we have “Restore VerifyOnly” set up in the same job step as the backup. This means that SQL Agent job step runs till the database backup is taken and restore verify process has completed. Now, if we want to have a break down on how much time was spent to backup the database and verify the backup individually, we need to subtract the database backup time from the job run time to get the time taken to perform restore verify. All the backup information is available in MSDB database in backupset table. We can use msdb.dbo.backupset table to calculate the total time the backup has taken.

The backup job in this case is Full Backup job that runs once a day. So, it is easier to join the database backup with sql agent job info on the date column.

declare @databasename varchar(200)
set @databasename =
declare @JobName varchar(200)
set @JobName=

Select A.database_name as [DatabaseName],B.Name as [JobName],B.run_date as [Job_RunDate],B.Run_time as [Job_RunTime],
B.[JobRunTimeINMins] as [TotalJobRunTime_In_Mins],BackupSize_In_GB,[BackupTime_In_Mins],[BackupType],backup_start_date,backup_finish_date,
(JobRunTimeINMins -[BackupTime_In_Mins]) as RestoreVerify_Time_In_Mins
(select top 100 percent database_name,cast(backup_size/1024/1024/1024 as decimal(8,3)) as BackupSize_In_GB,Case WHEN type='D' then 'FULL' WHEN type='L' then 'Log' When type='I' then 'Diferential' End as [BackupType],
backup_start_date,backup_finish_date, datediff(minute,backup_start_date,backup_finish_date) as [BackupTime_In_Mins]
from msdb.dbo.backupset where database_name= @databasename and type='D' and Backup_start_date >=dateadd(month,-6,getdate())
order by backup_set_id desc) A INNER JOIN
(select top 100 percent B.Name,A.run_date,A.Run_time,
(cast(SUBSTRING(right('000000'+cast(run_duration as varchar(6)),6),1,2)*3600 as int)+
Cast(SUBSTRING(right('000000'+cast(run_duration as varchar(6)),6),3,2)*60 as int)+
Cast(SUBSTRING(right('000000'+cast(run_duration as varchar(6)),6),5,2) as int))/60 as [JobRunTimeINMins]
from msdb.dbo.sysjobhistory A INNER JOIN msdb.dbo.sysjobs B on A.job_id=B.job_id
where step_id=0 and
order by instance_ID desc) B on B.run_date=convert(varchar(8),A.backup_start_date,112)
order by run_date desc